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WOW, what a surprise to come home to today. Mono and I spent the night together and managed to stay off of here for the whole time.

Nerdist ( so cute) told me I should go right on the computer and check the forum. Something that is not usually welcome! heh. and here it is!!

I am in tears at how wonderful my husband is, to acknowledge something such as this is full compersion to me. I am on top of the world. What hard work, but we are making it, we have made it.

I just have to say that without this forum we would not have such good legs to stand on. Thank you thank you thank you, ALL OF YOU for helping us. Your love and support mean the world to me and make it possible for me to give the same love and support back. This is family, this is community to me, we can all do this, we are living proof. Sure you might not want the same thing as we have, but you can have whatever you need/want/desire to be happy, if you work hard and keep coming from a place of love and caring in my opinion.

I have learned so much. Phew......

onwards and upwards

kisses and hugs, redpepper.
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