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This last Wednesday went over to P's house after work, for a 'booty call'. We haven't had much intimate or alone time in just over two weeks. We usually get together about once a week, whether group activities or one-on-one time. It was a fail in regards to the nature of the visit. When I got there, he had just received a text from his girlfriend B - essentially she was betraying his trust. He got angry, confused, frustrated - the first time I've seen him show that emotional set. None of us there understood what she did, without rehashing the entire thing - she essentially was on an ego trip. Both P and B are 'alpha' personalities, and it appeared that she was trying to exert and command all control over this one thing. Which as far as I know her, seems to be the complete opposite of her core beliefs and ideals.

So that took up almost four hours of dealing with it, and trying to figure out what precisely was going on. Then he got sick, his stomach started cramping.. he was feeling nauseous. It was all around bad news. I felt really bad for him. I made sure he had water, made sure he was warm enough with blankets.. attempted to make him relaxed by rubbing his back. It was hard, because he was sick and just completely out of it - and I know from personal experience, sometimes when I am sick, I just want to be left alone. Sometimes it can be easier to suffer with the sick feelings by trying to sleep through it. So he wasn't precisely communicative about what he needed/wanted in terms of does he want someone around helping him with things and trying to make him feel better. Not that there was necessarily anything that I could do - other than try to give him support and keep him hydrated.

Part of me was thinking 'I hope I don't catch whatever he has'. Another part was thinking 'ahh, failed booty call'. While the majority of me was 'what can I do to make him feel more comfortable'.
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