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Default Hello from Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Hello, I am a new member residing in SE Virginia (affectionally known as "Hampton Roads"). I am very much a poly virgin, married to my wonderful husband who has been more than understanding of my desires to be with other women (as of now I have no desire to maintain a secondary relationship with a male). Rather than just sleep around I am finding myself wanting more...a meaningful relationship, friendship, dedication. I haven't dated in 6 years so this is a brand new world to me for many reasons.

I admit I am still very conflicted in my desires to have a secondary relationship while feeling like I am not fulfilling my duties as a wife if I have other relationships. My husband lovingly refers to this as my "catholic guilt" (no insult intended) and I am working through it day by day. Rationally I know this works every single day for many, many people and if WE work through it properly it can work for us, too. The logic is still a little overwhelming.

I hope to learn and grow through the experiences, advice, and friendship shared on this forum!
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