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first, let me say I just love the way Legion put it, sounds very wonderful, happy and full of love to me

only thing I'd like to add would be in my "perfect" idea all my loves would live closer, within the same state would be lovely, I do like the idea of sharing the same space like a commune, but i have to admit i abhore the idea of sharing the raising of my kids with others, but my little ones arent so little, so that would be alot to ask anyone to step into anyways, not to mention they are special needs children, i think i'd prefer if all kids involved were looked after by all, but essentially reared by their own parents and befriended or aunted and uncled by the other adults, and both my primary and i are not interested in birthing anymore kids ourselves, but i would be completely supportive of one we loved finding another to make a baby with or bring in with the intent to have babies

i just really want everyone to be happy and have what they need and or want, wether it is several others or just one or no others, however they find their full happiness
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