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Originally Posted by BreatheDeeply View Post
Men aren't very manly if they have sex with other men (this is an opinion I have seen here in this forum)
I've followed the threads you're referring to with this comment, and you've misconstrued it. What those women specifically said is that they are not attracted to men who have sex with other men, even when those men are in fact manly. Although they've been accused of it there and again here, they did not say that men who have sex with men are not manly. Merely that no matter how manly a guy is, if he has sex with other men, then these women are not sexually attracted to them.

I think we (in this forum) should be exceptionally good at not insulting others. Why? Because we ourselves (polyamorists) are on the butt end of bad public opinion, so we should be the last people to make any kind of negative remarks about any group of people.
I've heard this belief before in a lot of scenarios. It's very idealistic. And like all idealistic beliefs, it's unrealistic.

Sure, we have this thing in common that a lot of people frown upon. But that doesn't make us any less human, ignorant, or self-centred than the general public. We are part of the general public with, by and large, all of its prejudices and beliefs.

Last time I checked, Neo-Nazis counted as "any group of people." I reserve the right to make as many negative remarks about them as I want. And before you tell me "that's not what I meant," realize that there is no "absolute truth" about which groups are "bad." What I see wrong with the Neo-Nazis could be exactly what TiMCbyats sees with straight males. And so, lest someone tell me I'm not allowed to judge Neo-Nazis, I'm going to go ahead and let TiMCbyats judge straight men. Doesn't mean you or I have to agree with his judgment, but it is his to make. And it is mine to make of him because of it.
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