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In a way I aspire to be straight laced. My natural inclinations are to be a messy, disorganized, forgetful hoarder. And I am in a constant battle to make myself put away the dishes or remember what day of the week it is. In my relationships my partners are both predictable, organized, and quite straight laced. I've always wondered if my partners secretly crave chaos, because I provide more than enough of that, even though it doesn't seem like that type of thing they would enjoy or perpetuate themselves.

Most people who meet me would likely think I am just average until I start talking. The only unusual thing about my appearence might be my eccentric jewelry. No tattoos. No look other than just feminine clothes. Walk into my living room and see that I have at least 7 flashlights hanging around is a little odd. eh, don't know if I can describe myself well...I'm between falling apart and put together like a lot of people are.
Your task is to acknowledge to yourself and others that every part of you has a right to exist.
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