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Hello C- Nifty! to see you here, cute name btw.

Oh I love bmn, have you ever heard a group called within temptation? they are pretty good too, I am a music freak, I have such a vast range in taste, and collection, I just got the Orchestra version of "nemo" by Nightwish, it is pretty good too... lol in contrast, I have been listening to Angel City, and Jordan Sparks today, lol last night it was godhead, and silver chair, with me you just never know..

but if I hear that freaking Need You Now song by L. A. one more time, I will scream, I liked it the first 10 times I heard it.. it is haunting me, everywhere I go it is on, I am starting to feel stalked.

and just to keep it on topic.. is there a such thing as poly music? I just had this thought, that would be a cool band ... whole new meaning to groupie..
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