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Talking Polyamorous Pansexual - Love ALL the people!

I'm a senior in college, about to finish a degree in nuclear and radiological engineering, but I want to go work in marketing/graphic novels/graphic design.

I loooove to sing and dance, and right now Metric and Florence and the Machine are my favorites~!

I'm demisexual-pansexual-polyamorous, though at the moment I'm only dating one person, a lovely lady who I've been dating for two years. She's super awesome!

I only know one other poly, who I met recently at a Lolita meet, and I just thought it would be nice to have some friends to chat with with which I don't have to have the no-I'm-not-cheating-yes-everyone-is-happy conversation with >.<

That's a leetle bit about me~! Nice to meet everyone!
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