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Default Caveat lector (I only wish Hannibal were involved...)

Originally Posted by Ravenesque View Post
The best advice for those interested is to thoroughly investigate what these organizations have to offer them. Do your core values match those of the organization you wish to join, even the hidden agenda? If the answer is yes than there is no problem in joining. If no, do not join.

Either way you would be trusting your heart.
I took your advice with this Liberated Christian thing -- though I'm mostly a "hey, whatever's up there is up there, I dunno" sort of girl, I did like the notion that Christianity might accommodate polyamory.

I was almost sold on it, too, in the sense that yes, it made enough sense that I'd be willing to endorse it. So what made me change my mind?

The site has a very problematic section on adult/child sexuality; at one point, it is testified that a thirteen-year-old enjoyed his abuse.

DO NOT WANT. Thus, cannot endorse. Will happily look for the theology elsewhere, but for personal reasons, am unable to share that person's values on severely underage sex with adults.
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