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Originally Posted by corey View Post

Your responses to me feel very one-sided. I entered this relationship monogamously and she knew she wanted an open-relationship but didn't tell me. I only found out because she cheated on me with someone. That to me is unacceptable. However, I am willing to try this to make her happy, but also not be hurt in the process and still be respectful.

As for some of your other responses you are basically describing a different kind of relationship than we/I want. Im not looking for a relationship where Im just there to give her a place to live while she runs off screwing everyone or we have free roam.

From your responses I take it as though you are the type of person that simply wants to do whatever you want without restriction and consequence. She indicates she wants to have a primary relationship with me. Well a primary relationship whether it be monogamous or open should have boundaries.
I'm going through a similar situation only mine is worst because it is long distance. We started a monogamous relationship for seven months until he had to move to the states (we both lived in Puerto Rico, I still do) that's when everything got out in the open including the fact that we are in an open relationship which I was kind of forced to be in because he told me after he was with his so called "friend with benefits" which I considered cheating. i agree with you and I'm having the hardest time accepting this. Ultimately I think I do because I love him and haven"t been with anyone else, which as a monogamous find very hard to do if I'm in a relationship. Any advice is more than welcomed!
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