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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Of course, if the only problem in living with them is that J is a bit of an ass about money, you may want to address that problem and if that is resolved (you got some great suggestions on that), you may enjoy living there. But it kinda sounds like they have some other issues that may impact you adversely.
I'll tell you what the "issue" is with J "being an ass about money". I've encountered folks like this before: J has a "thing" about bailing people out financially so that she can feel justified about micromanaging their basic needs. This is totally a control thing and probably is deeply based in J's upbringing. I'm suspecting whichever one of her parents was the "primary breadwinner" always held it over the head of the other and said things like, "I pay the bills, I should make the decisions".

Of course, I know nothing at all about this, but it is a game I play with myself to make these speculations and see how right I am after all. I would say I am right at least 50% of the time, but again my stats are not complete.
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