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Default Suddenly Realizing You're Poly - how did you cope?

Realizing I'm poly is still new to me, and I'm a little unsure how to deal with it appropriately as of yet.

I really don't understand how I could have fallen in love with another man while being VERY happily married to another. The two relationships are very different, and I would love to keep both. So far, it's working out okay, but I seem to be my own worst enemy inside my head.

My Primary says he's okay with this, so why am I feeling guilty whenever I spent time alone with my BF? Ideally, I enjoy the times when we're all three together the best, but my Primary has asked for this weekend "off" so he can adjust better (more slowly). I never wanted to be in the position to have to split my time between the two, so I hope this is only temporary.

I'm wondering how other people adjusted to the sudden realization (if it was) of being poly? How did you come to terms with falling in love with a second person while still being in love with the first? Was it difficult or easy for you? Did you seek poly counseling, or do it on your own?

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