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On a personal level, I would have no objections to fighting alongside a female soldier on the basis of her gender. I think the idea that women somehow "cant hack it" or just arent "made for combat" are unmitigated twaddle at best; as Grey has already pointed out, women have been fighting in battle since there's BEEN battle and generally had a fine time of it. Hell, a roll-sheet of some of the most noted military commanders in history contains no small number of women.

That said, I dont think I would react well to seeing a female soldier go down next to me. I have a lot of buttons that hearing a woman screaming in pain would push for various reasons. It would be hard to hold it together if I saw that repeatedly.

On the other side of that particular coin, I recognize that as being my personal issue and I know enough not to try and project it on an entire group of people.

It also has to be considered that dozens of other countries have done this with zero ill effects. The world wont fly apart if we do it too.

My view on the military is fairly dim and I'll be interested to see what the long-term outcomes of this will be.
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