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Hello Blopez,
Welcome to our forum.

I suppose the best place to begin is to simply start looking around at the various boards and threads on our site and see what interests you. Sometimes I click on New Posts (top of this page, about in the middle) just to see what's new. It's a bustling site, so there's more than anyone could absorb in one sitting.

I think our Golden Nuggets board would be a good place for you to start. It will direct you to many of the best threads that we have. Also the Life stories and blogs board might interest you.

After you have done some reading and looking around, post any thoughts or questions you may have. If no one responds for a few days, ping your thread with a new post; sometimes things do get lost in the shuffle.

Oh, and I also recommend:

Good sites that will give you some basic information. (Opening Up is also a very excellent book, which you can order through that site.)

There is also our Dating & Friendships subforum, which you might find helpful.

The above are all good places to start! I hope you soon find the triad you're looking for. Sometimes these things take time, so be patient.

Glad to have you aboard.
Kevin T.
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