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"I know she'll never go for what I want, either, so we'll have to hash it out and meet somewhere in the middle. That's the way negotiations work. Both parties give a little, and the end product is something where both parties get some of what they want."
Yeah, that's pretty much my take on it.

"I'd rather her see him no more than two nights/week."
I would almost tell her that verbatim. Perhaps slightly modified: "I know this probably wouldn't be doable for you, but if it were just up to me, I'd probably ask you to see him no more than two nights/week." Something like that.

The point is, I guess, to let her know that neither of you is going to really get exactly what you want, and that you'll both need to compromise.

"This NRE fog is going to make it difficult to make a realistic schedule."
Yes, it's true, it will make it difficult. It will probably test your patience. But keep stubbornly negotiating for that compromise, as much as you can.

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