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Question On the road to fulfillment

Hey to all out there. I am new to the poly life in term but as I am coming to realize not nessasarily in practice. I have been married for coming up on 7 years to my husband and have been in an emotional realationship with my best friend seriously for close to 10 years now. This is a LDR so it is only occasionally physical. Up until recently my hubby and I held hopes that eventually there would a full shift to a triad with her (they are friends with benefits when we are close enough to her). Having finally decided to let go of the rather unrealistic long-term hopes with her, we have decided that a triad is something we do want long-term. So, here I am. I want to simply learn and converse with like minded people and discover more about myself and my relationships along the way. My first question is quite simple... Where and how do I begin?
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