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Originally Posted by Lezbehonest View Post
Thank you so much. Your reply was very helpful and had also given me more to work with. I'm currently focusing on self love and self growth which i believe well help tremendously. Thanks for the resources i will definitely be reading those. I will continue to post on the situation any advice is welcome. I have apologized to both partners for my shortcomings and let then know that it was my own insecurites and not anything either one did that led to my rash decisions. I recognize that now and am more than willing to work on it regardless of the outcome. Fingers crossed they come around.
You're very welcome

I hope that they do come around; unless anything else is going on, I can't see why it needs to be "one strike and you're out". My fingers are crossed for you, too.

I think that what you are saying sounds great - self work is always a good thing.

I'd love to hear how this goes for you and what the outcome of this is.

me: open poly (31, female)

involved with:
GF: (41, female) my long-distance, long-term partner
Earth: (35, female) newly dating

Hubby: (38, male) GF's husband
Garcon: (28, male) GF's boyfriend/submissive

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