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Yes, your h can hopefully find a nice woman to share regular sex, intimacy, dates and all that good stuff with. A fair warning from an experienced poly person though-- this hypothetical gf may or may not want a relationship with you.

Triads are rare. Sometimes we actively dislike our metamours. Hopefully we at least feel neutral and can be polite in passing. Sometimes there can be true friendship. Rarely there can be real romantic love and even more rarely, sexual activity. All 3 living together in peace and harmony? Chances are extremely slim.

Personally, I am good with neutral and polite! Friends is better, to be hoped for, but not invested in. Your h is the one with the deeply unmet needs.

If he wants sex every day, I think throwing around the "hyper" word is unhelpful and possibly hurtful. He is not an oversexed beast.

Have you agreed to him starting to look for a gf while you and he are living apart? OK Cupid (free dating site, poly friendly) is a good place to start.
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