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Wink Hello from Oklahoma

Good After noon all! I am Icey, I have been married to L for 13 years and GF to R for 3 months. R and I have known each other for 22 years and were together for 4 years before L and I got married. R from the start was ok with a Polyandry life with me. After speaking to L and telling him how I feel he took some time to process it and decided this could work for us. We lived a poly life prior to R but only with another lady. It was a triad and not the V we are now. L is having to process this change as it has always been the other way around. We have a very open line of communication and discuss any issues that arise. I want this to work for all 3 of us. I am so excited to be here and look forward to learning and growing. Have a wonderful day!!!
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