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Originally Posted by StitchwitchD View Post
However, there's some conflict over the details. She'd like to have a mostly monogamous (and completely monoamorous) marriage, have sex when she feels like it (every 2-3 months) and have 3rd adult in the household to help with chores, kids and finances. He'd like to have sex on a regular basis (at least a few times a week), not hurt anyone's feelings and stay married to his wife, and he'd like more help with housework than she normally provides. I'd like to have a poly relationship with him, and not hurt anyone's feelings in the process. So, is there any way that commitment will help resolve this situation in a way that we'd all be okay with?
Unless you have a housekeeping business, the way I'd "resolve the situation" is to first hire a maid to help with the housework. Then perhaps sit down with a financial advisor and figure out a budget that allows [you] to live within [your] means. Third, use birth control so [you] don't wind up with more kids than [you] can support and care for.

Personally, I don't see it as a "poly relationship" if you're there as an on-call sex-toy and per-diem housekeeper/babysitter/cook, but who am I to "judge". I don't know "how other people's lives work", and of course, "my poly is not your poly". Etc. Etc. Etc.

But I do have one thing that sums it up FOR ME (moderator "hat" off), and that word is "Pfeh".

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