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We had a first attempt at creating a schedule last night. It was a good start, but I can't really say it went well. She wants WAY too much time with him, in my opinion. Basically spending the night with him four nights/week (overnight), on week 1, then three nights/week (but not overnight) with him on week 2. Then repeat this pattern. I know this will be too much for me to handle. I'd rather her see him no more than two nights/week. This NRE fog is going to make it difficult to make a realistic schedule.

W: This is what I want. (And then she tells me the above).
Me: This is definitely a good starting point to making this schedule.
W: So you're saying no?

Not a good compromising attitude from her, in my opinion. I know she'll never go for what I want, either, so we'll have to hash it out and meet somewhere in the middle. That's the way negotiations work. Both parties give a little, and the end product is something where both parties get some of what they want.
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