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Originally Posted by roshola View Post
My wife and I were looking for a girl to be in a relation ship with, as equal partners, and we found a girl, kinda ,sorta. She wants to wait three months before she decides whether or not she can handle being with a couple, and I understand that.
But my wife and I like her, and she likes us. However, she is more into women do to things (with?)

In the past, and every time we hang out. I kind of feel like a third wheel.

I don't know if I'm being dumb or what, but I'm new to this and could use some advice
You don't get to decide the interest level of your partners. It sounds like the new girl you two found isn't really into you. I get that is something of a disappointment to you but you certainly don't want to do anything like "figure out how to get her to be interested" in you. You want to let her be who she is. Let she and your wife enjoy the good times

If you're polyamorous you have the advantage of being able to seek getting your desires fulfilled elsewhere.
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