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Originally Posted by roshola View Post
My wife and I were looking for a girl to be in a relation ship with, as equal partners, and we found a girl, kinda ,sorta. She wants to wait three months before she decides whether or not she can handle being with a couple, and I understand that.
But my wife and I like her, and she likes us. However, she is more into women do to things (with?)

In the past, and every time we hang out. I kind of feel like a third wheel.

I don't know if I'm being dumb or what, but I'm new to this and could use some advice
There, I fixed it for you as best I could :-)

Now - welcome to the forum, you are in the right place, and I hope some peeps on here will start to help.

I have a feeling you are in the UK! Are you?
Male M, struggling noob.
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