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Originally Posted by Icewraithonyx
Right now, I'm struggling with overcoming some resentment from feeling that I was hijacked into this new relationship model.
Ice, how are you doing on the resentment front at this point in time?

What kinds of "reassure" behavior (in words or actions) are you needing from spouse? From yourself? Are you getting that behavior from spouse/yourself? Behaviors that demonstrate things like loving, kindness toward you? Considerate, thoughtful? Respected or worthwhile?

Since the resentment stems from feeling like you were not considered at all maybe new behaviors that demonstrate things like the above could help assuage.

I don't know you so I don't know what your personal "action things" ARE. Maybe spouse shows "thoughtful behavior" more toward you by starting small. Maybe remembering you like cream and sugar in your morning coffee and setting it out at breakfast time. Then building up to "bigger action things" as your willing to trust comes back and the resentment fades?

Work that out with spouse. They live there and know your habits/comfort things better than I would.

You've been quiet over there. I am hoping you both are sorting things out and moving into a better space.


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