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Originally Posted by SpoofyCups View Post

But there was a sadness in his demeanor. I can tell he's not comfortable. As for his freedoms, he'd prefer to wait until I'm out of town. He clearly wants this stuff to be at a distance.

That sadness makes me feel really bad! What sorts of things can reassure a man of his importance and primacy in my life? How many ways can I describe that being open doesn't imply a deficiency between us?
Don't think you can do anything about typos etc after 12 hours.

My advice is to keep going slow. You can reassure him of his importance by being a good partner, listening to what he says, keeping your agreements, and showing you are trustworthy. Always treat partners as well as you did when you first met them.

His feelings about wanting things to be at a distance may change, if he experiences having relationships with other people doesn't negatively impact you two, but he'll either come to that decision on his own or not. It's OK for him to be sad right now. Changes can be scary.
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