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I probably will view this differently than my husband, but I have seen a HUGE shift in our time spent together since poly started. I used to work and go to school so lack of time with me was a norm. The time we spend now, in my opinion, is far more than it's been. He argues that we had all kinds of time before I went to school, which I vehemently disagree with. Back in those days, I was working ten more hours a week than I do now and I usually was commuting to two or three different jobs.

When I was in school I felt the time we spent together lacked quality. I like to say I was a video game/tv widow. If anything I do feel the circumstances after poly began forced my husband to be a bit more proactive in slotting aside time with me. So I'm feeling a huge improvement, whereas he still feels he's coming up short. It's been problematic for us.
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