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Default Update on me :)

A few months ago I posted that I am married and bisexual but my husband didn't know. And I was having feelings for my friend. Since then, I told my husband. We are now in therapy with a therapist who specializes in gay/lesbian/bisexual relationships. I told Pan how I feel about her and she feels the same way! But, since I dropped a bomb on my husband we all have decided to not pursue a relationship. My husband actually has not met her and as of right now doesn't want to. I can understand that.

Believe it or not, I am actually happy. I am happy that I am not lying anymore about my sexuality. I am happy my husband is accepting me and willing to go to therapy with me to work this out. I am happy Pan understands this entire mess and is still willing to be friends. I know this is a journey and a process. I know my husband is going through a lot right now. He says he's accepting, but needs time. He has no desire to date anyone else. He likes monogomy and if it means staying married to him, I will be happy with only him.

Pan and I are still friends. We still talk, but have cooled it down. I want my husband to know he will always be respected and I won't force something on him he either isn't ready for or doesn't want. I also respect Pan. However, she respects my marriage and wants to see that suceed first. If/when we can have a relationship I want to show her the same respect and love. Inwant her to know her boundries will be respected as well.

Sorry, this has gone on longer than I had hoped. I just wanted to give an update and say thank you for all the advice and support!
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