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I was 15, just barely, as it was a couple of weeks after my birthday. It was with the boy I was dating at the time, we were both virgins. Honestly, I could have handled it better. I was horny and invited him over to my grandmother's house. It was snowing and he rode his bike all the way across town: 5-8 miles. By the time he got there, I was chickening out, afraid my grandmother would wake up an catch us, etc. He had trouble with the condom. I said I wasn't going to have sex w/o one, but let him guilt me into it because he'd ridden all that way in the snow. If I recall it wasn't very good, though it got better. Our relationship problems began when he decided he wanted to impress the popular crowd and told everyone in class. I came out from class one day to "whore" and "slut" in permanent marker on my locker. He wanted sex every time we saw each other (which was everyday at school), trying to get me to cut class to do it and convincing me to walk home from school instead of staying after for a club so we could go to the woods. I ended up being 2 hours late getting home - 2 hrs later than the late bus would have gotten me there. My parents were pissed that I'd walked home w/o calling. In the end, he got possessive and pushy, physically violent when I denied him sex (like after I had oral surgery on Valentine's Day) and I had to get a restraining order, after he started stalking me when we broke up.

So, yes I had problems with being criticized by my peers, at least initially, though some of that was caused by his social status (awkward special ed kid who transferred in from private school in High School) and his immaturity to know when and where it was appropriate to be sexual (not in school). I did not handle the abuse well and gave in when I shouldn't have because I grew up in a verbally and physically abusive household. So my fear response was give him whatever he wanted so he wouldn't be mad. We never had any STD or pregnancy issues. I never told my parents that we had sex, in part because my step-dd got angry after my very first boyfriend kissed my cheek a couple of years earlier and I didn't want him to physically hurt my boyfriend. I did tell them when the relationship had gotten septic, but only because I'd been slammed into a locker and choked out in school and skipped school the next day (first and only time) because he was watching for me to get off the bus when I got to school. We had to go to mediation and I got a no being within 10 ft of me restraining order, so parents had to get involved.

All of my relationships and sexual relationships after this went well. (Except for the one before Runic Wolf where my ex was afraid to have sex w/ me because he wasn't ready and dumped me rather than be honest).

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