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Originally Posted by 1of4 View Post
I think maybe I'm most concerned about different expectations and privacy issues. My husband, for example is the one of us most likely to feel the "oversatuation" that Anne mentioned. The rest of us could probably spend 24X7 together and not get tired of it for a long time, but his introverted side usually comes out after a few days of being around others and always needs his personal space to regroup. So, I guess the idea of just kind of easing into the extra time together step-by-step is probably smart.
What you just wrote here, in some fashion or another (as long as it is direct and unambiguous) should be discussed. Hopefully if there are any concerns with your partners they will follow your fine example and express them.

Note that also this doesn't have to be a "let's try not to fuck this up" conversation. There are a lot of possible benefits from having more access to each other so I encourage you to express those as well. Just so long as there is an opportunity to lay it out on the line "Hey, this is a big change so I thought we could take a minute to all put our thoughts on the table".

Focus less on rules and more on being honest, open, and respecting each others feelings. I hope you guys have fun and can effortlessly enjoy each others company
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