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Default update to the craziness

So it's been a few months since I was on here and I must say things went downhill very quickly.
So after we all sat down and talked about what we wanted out of the relationship and what our relationship was and that it was exclusive. Gf did a complete 180 and ended up not talking to either of us and having casual unprotected sex with a few different people. Absolutely a deal breaker. Then apparently she had been telling her friends she was going to take hubby for herself and that they had been screwing around behind my back and her new baby could be his and she was hoping she was cuz then I would be out of the picture. All of which I know was not true or possible on hubbys part. I have no doubts she was saying things just what remains a mystery but hubby and I have a pretty good idea.
Anyway so after a couple of months of not speaking to one another gf and I buried the hatchet so to speak. Things are weird. Like she is trying to get her gf status back and its hard to not fall back into how things were.
How do we handle this situation? Hubby and I are not interested in anymore drama or lies being told and we are not interested in a second or a serious gf relationship at this point. We went through alot to make room for her in our marriage I went through hell being ok with things and then it was just thrown away and walked all over. I also feel like now she is husband chasing and not in a I'm happy to share way. I would be lying if I said I didnt miss the physical connection we all had.
That being said though I can't get past how disposable she made not just my friendship but also my family and marriage.
Is it wrong of us to shut her out sexually and keep her at arms length. She has stayed over a couple of times the first time we ( hubby,myself and gf) talked and cuddled and slept nothing else the next time hubby didn't want to sleep with us, he doesn't want to lead her on in anyway. She got agitated that he wouldn't come to bed and then ended up by leaving early morning without saying bye or anything.
Is it best to at this point to keep her out of our bed in anyway or how do we handle this? We like her and don't want to lose the kids but we are just at a loss on things should be
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