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For my partner and I, there has already been over a year of casual discussions.
Good. You took a good while to deliberate each of your willingness.

now the agreement that at least another year should be spent examining the issue in detail before making any moves forward in terms of real life people. Are we too cautious?
There's initial willingness and then there's mapping out the plan if you want to go in with a plan. The HOW you want to do it. To want to polyship WELL and from a solid foundation is commendable.

Because different people bring different skills to the table, there is no "how much time is enough time" that is the SAME AMOUNT of time for every polyship that wants to go in with a plan. (Some don't and like winging it on the fly -- that's fine too) Could just take the time required for THIS polyship to be on solid ground before launching a new mission.

It seems that no matter how much preparation goes into this, unintended issues will arise. The best we can do is expect the unexpected.
Yup. Can map out how THIS polyship will deal if it encounters common mistakes and lay out a plan to cope.

But can also accept it is not possible (nor should you try) to predict each and every situation Life will throw your way. Can't spend all your life "What Iffing." You will miss your Life by not being present for it! Life is not a dress rehearsal. You only get the one.

Could focus on having set out conflict resolution method you both can deal in to sort out whatever conflict arises.

Could choose to set out how you want to part ways, should that ever come to pass. Fix the two end points, then let it be what it will be in the middley bit there -- in the good faith in each other that you both will treat each other WELL regardless where you are within that scope. Be it solving a conflict problem thing, being just fine, or being at landing the polyship and disbanding the mission.

You will be ok.


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