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Default Hmmm...

I like this thread started by SOL. I joined this forum to get a better broader understanding of life itself, after I ran across that series, on Showcase or Bravo I think, about the poly life style. What I find interesting in my own case is; I am on my second marriage. I absolutely love my wife, I have a reasonably healthy relationship with my first wife (the mother of my grown daughter) who remains unattached at the moment. I have a very strong relationship with all my step children, even a good strong relationship with an ex brother in law. I recently told my wife that I always want to be in her life and if for whatever reason she did not think she wanted to remain married to me or wanted someone else I would reluctantly share her but my preference would be to not have to do so. I was shocked to hear her say that her first husband said the same thing to her but she simply would never consider something like that. I am surprised by how strongly I feel about my own convictions on this. I am not a young lad anymore but I am constantly amazed at what life can teach me. This thread has made me think even harder about my own understanding of what a great relationship can be.

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