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Thanks for your responses.

I suspected the likelihood was low, but I was sort of hoping things might end up okay.

At this point, I am considering him a friend and will continue to do so, especially in light of the comments above. I understand about the 'stepping back' thing, and I've told him that if he needs to cut off contact, I will understand. However, I think it would be really bad if I were the one to cut off contact because he's so shell-shocked by the whole situation and really needs some emotional support. I'm happy to do that and feel he needs it. The emotional roller coaster comes from watching a friend having to suffer through this kind of situation, but I would do the same for any of my other friends. It's just that I'm rather empathetic and it's emotionally draining, but I guess I feel like loyalty is more important. I would feel like a lousy friend if I backed out when someone is facing a situation like that.
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