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So I chatted with him last night. We discussed many things, pretty trivial, and healthcare came up. He spoke about his plan b; and I said, well, if you didn't want to do that, you could marry me and get health benefits. He laughed, and muttered something about the lamest proposal ever. Which made me laugh more.

But since then, I think that I tend to forget what a massively romantic mushball he can be. He's not what anyone could call 'communicative.' He said something to me last weekend about 'when you think about it, the amount of information that actually needs to be communicated is very small.' Which is not how I see it at all, of course. That phrase was good for me though, and has been synchronistically re-inforced at me several times this week. (had an ex say a very similar thing, only much snottier)

But stuff like that makes me forget that he's a romantic. I may send flowers.
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