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Originally Posted by jennjuice View Post
We've had our share of "experiences". But they come and go. We both want to find a "experience" that continues. That doesn't stop. That will one day maybe result in having another full blown partner. Is that poly?

Anyways........We just wanted to say Hi and introduce ourselves to everyone! Look forward to talking with everyone and it's cool to know that we aren't alone!

Welcome to the forums JennJuice.

Trust yourself. Polyamory takes different shapes for everyone. There is no "true" way to do it. Just the ethical way. There are some friendly folks here with many different perspectives. I'm sure you'll find many others on similar wavelengths to connect to.

Are you a polyamorist or non-monogamous individual between the ages 18-35? Are you located in New York State or the Northeast?
Join us at The Network, a social and socially aware network which connects young polys and progressive polys of all ages.

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