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Thank you so much for your responses. They make complete sense to me. DH and fiance had their conversation tonight, and he told her that he was still interested in continuing with her, but only if it wasn't hurting her to be around him, have sex, spend time, etc and have no feelings. Her response was that she didn't have a problem with him not having feelings as long as he didn't have a problem with her having feelings. Seems like a good place for now. I agree that he's got his head on straight.

Now, it's come to my attention that OSO also does not have feelings for me... like at all apparently. This came as a shock to me considering he was developing feelings for me, and told me so... and then apparently things happened to make his feelings decrease, but I didn't realize that they did so much. And the fact that he's a really affectionate person had me thinking that he had feelings for me that he just didn't know how to say.

I'm a little hurt right now. We've been discussing things, and I'm glad that DH and fiance worked things out, but I'm hurt by OSO, and I really don't know where to go from here.

I'm frustrated that this entire time, I've had no question about my feelings, and I feel like mine are being stomped on a little... unintentionally I would imagine.

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