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Post Quad Moving In Together

Okay, so we aren't actually moving in together, but close.

For going on two years now, my husband and I have been in a quad relationship with another married couple.

None of us would have called ourselves poly before...didn't even really know what it was...and we still don't really label it as such, though it clearly is. If I'm using the term correctly, I think you would all term us polyfidelitous. And we just kind of fell into it. But now that we are here it is beautiful and perfect.

We live well over an hour away from each other, which makes things challenging at times. But we always manage at least one day/night per week and usually two or three. We've also traveled together a couple of times so have spent extended periods of time together.

Now we have the opportunity to move much closer. Not actually move in together (realistically our lifestyles as roommates would be incompatible), but move within a couple miles of each other,allowing us to more fully integrate and share our lives. My husband and I have more flexibility, so it will be us moving closer to them.

We're excited but also nervous. I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice as we get closer to making this a reality. For example, living closer means that we'll have to agree on new boundaries since there will be much more opportunity to spend time together, both separately as couples and as a foursome. What other things should we think about? What should we discuss? What pitfalls should we watch out for? Etc. I think we are all hoping this relationship will last for the long haul, and so far so good. We'd hate to mess things up by making a dumb mistake. I'm open to any advice. Thanks!
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