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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hi Duane,

I think it might be useful to point out the fact that any religious organization (i.e. christianity etc) is first and foremost a political organization and only secondly a spiritual one. Many of the "rules & regulations" presented as such are private interpretations of particular humans with their own agenda to pursue. These rules etc have only been painted over with what appears to be a spiritual coating to make them easier to swallow and therefor further the existing agenda.

Trust your heart - it's has "higher" connections......

I see your point. There is a broadness to your statement which does not seem directed at any one organization.

I think that it can apply to any organization or group, religious, community based or otherwise. Often enough it is true that though one outward appearance is presented, there is an agenda behind the scenes that is at cross-purposes with the facade shown to entice the public.

The best advice for those interested is to thoroughly investigate what these organizations have to offer them. Do your core values match those of the organization you wish to join, even the hidden agenda? If the answer is yes than there is no problem in joining. If no, do not join.

Either way you would be trusting your heart.

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