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Originally Posted by Meghan View Post
I don't know where you got the impression he and I have had oral sex
I didn´t get that impression at all. Quite the opposite: that you hadn´t gone very far [yet]. I´ll repeat point c) with added words in "DarkOrchid" so that you understand what I meant:

Having said that, and trying to be fair, I seem to understand that his [your husband´s] extra-marital activities meant kissing 2 women, a blow job from another, and attending some/many strip-tease shows. I´m guessing that you´d want to take it further (physically) than your husband did [i.e. more than just kisses and BJs] with Sweetie in the future. Or are you going to be satisfied with a BJ [to maintain the same level as your husband got to] and some cunnilingus [give and take is only fair]? Does this have some bearing on your husband´s reluctance to allow you free rein? That he was "free" but only WANTED to wade in the surf, while you look like you´re interested in swimming the Channel? [Does your husband think that it´s unfair that you´re WILLING to take things with Sweetie much further that he - your husband - ever took them with other women?]

I hope that that clears up the confusion.
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