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Lightbulb Values which cross boundaries of relationship forms

Often in other threads, the differences between monogamous mindsets and polyamorous mindsets are dwelt upon. Differences are also sought between varying non-monogamous relationships.

Outside of wanting many partners and restricting partners to one, are there really differences between these mindsets?

There are fundamental qualities that need to be present within a relationship no matter what name it goes by. While communication, honesty, trust, respect, fidelity (which means the keeping of promises) are important, these alone do not determine the success of our relationships.

Each of us has values held close to our hearts, that are crucial in order for a relationship to be successful. Values which if not shared may prove the ending point of that relationship. Not to be confused by matters that can be "compromised" upon.

What life values and beliefs do you feel you need to have present and shared in order for your relationships to be successful? And what is your personal definition of a "successful relationship"?

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