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Default Poly Sims

Has anyone on here played Sims? For those who haven't, it's a computer game (it can be played on i-pods, smart phones, i-pads/tablets as well as home computers). It involves creating and caring for a virtual town full of virtual people.

You make them eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, plant crops, work at jobs. You can change thier clothes, eye colors, skin colors, design their houses. Basically and in a limited sort of way, you act as "God" to your town of little virtual people. it's addictively fun, though maybe only for a limited amount of time. Myself and both of my partners are playing it currently.

The thing that interests me most about these little people (and what interests me most in real life in general) are their interpersonal relationships. You can make two Sims become "aquaintances", "best friends", you can make them "date", "get married" etc by having them complete behaviors towards one another designed to have these specific outcomes. The thing that I found interesting (and pretty darn cool) is that it isn't sex specific. Two women can fall in love and get married and eventually have a little Sim baby, and so can two men. Even MORE interestingly, they don't have to be monogamous.

I was told by long ago Sim players, that if two Sims become "romantic" with one another and a third Sim tries to cut in and be "romantic" with a member of the existing couple, fights and jealousy would break out. The interloper Sim would get slapped, or get in a fight with the member of the couple who got "jealous". This is no longer the case. I immediately made all my Sims romantically involved with all my other Sims (like the good poly girl I am ). At one point, two of my Sims got "married", but that still didn't stop them from having relations with other people, directly in front of their spouses. The only restriction I've found so far is that a Sim may not "marry" more than one person at once. But I like the changes that have happened in the game so far.
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