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Default Congratulations to mono and redpepper

For those who may not know it, mono and redpepper's 1 year anniversary together has arrived. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge their relationship, congratulate them on this milestone, and offer my love as redpepper's husband.

2009 was an incredible, fun, challenging, sad, happy, radical and transformative year for redpepper and I. It was a year of beginnings, endings, and profound change both individually and within our relationship. During this tumultuous time, through serendipitous chance, mono and redpepper met, fell in love, and ultimately created the loving, mutually supportive, and deep relationship that exists today between them.

I am very thankful that mono is who he is; for it is he, as much as it is redpepper and I, that has helped this to work. I have a great deal of respect for him for what he has personally achieved by getting to the place that he is in today. Amongst other things, he has had to learn to embrace a different way to look at relationships, deal with the public scorn that resulted from us coming out, and let go of an old life without knowing what, if anything, would replace it.

I will never forget the first time I spoke with mono. Despite redpepper's assurances to the contrary, he was convinced that I was going to murder him!

redpepper, my partner in love and crime, I am glad that you have found someone great to love and be loved by. It's clear how happy mono makes you.

It is important to me to somehow publicly acknowledge this milestone in their lives. Without doing so it will likely pass unnoticed by the world, and not receive the social legitimacy it deserves.

redpepper and mono, I am proud of what you, and we, have created so far. Much love on your one year anniversary, and here's to many more happy years!
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