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So I had a surprise date last night. I went to a meetup and met a great poly guy there. I had seen his profile on OKC before and had thought about sending him a message, but didn't because I have too many dates on my plate already at the moment. Anyway, we talked about meeting some time outside the meetup group. Then all the others left and we decided to have the date there and then, so we stayed until the bar closed. And then we went to my place and had sex. This is something I've never done before! I mean sleeping with someone I had just met the same day. And like I just said in my previous post, I don't really do casual sex, but this didn't feel all that casual. I felt a strong connection and a possibility of continuation, and wanted to act on that. He is an amazing person, I really like him. And he said he likes me too. I'm quite overwhelmed right now because I have all these feelings and thoughts floating around my head. But I have to start focusing again soon, because I have a date with someone else tonight. It's a girl I've set up a date through OKC a while ago and I really do want to meet up with her, but the timing could've probably been a bit better.
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