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We had a long talk about scheduling and how last week she spent 4 nights with guy (every other night) and all were overnights. She assured me that because guy has his teenage son every other week, and it's very difficult to meet during that week he has his son, this coming week they would only meet up at most twice, and probably not overnights. I considered and decided I could live with that compromise.

Saturday was the first time she and guy had gone out of town. They went to that burlesque show in another town. They left at about 4:00pm Saturday and came back Sunday at around 4:00pm, so they were gone 24 hours. I had to care for both girls during that 24 hours by myself, which is kind of tough for me, because they are a handful. I had a few meltdowns, and a few anger episodes which spilled over onto the children and resulted in me yelling at them for simple things like not picking up their toys, not listening to me, etc. So I've got some work to do on that front, and it may just be that I ask her not to do out-of-town or 24 hour blocks with him anymore. Or maybe that's an unreasonable expectation. Maybe we'll talk to the counsellor about that, too.

A positive sign, though, was that when she got back home yesterday she was reading a copy of "Love and Respect", which is a book about working on marriage problems.
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