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I like to know if my partners have moved/want to move a relationship from non sexual to sexual. Then it's not some surprise it happened when they have to tell you a condom broke or some person down the line got an STI that we should both be tested for. And then I feel like they are my friend, cause my friends tell me when they have a new partner.

I like to know if they ate at a restaurant and the food is awesome, so I/we can check it out. I like to know if they saw a movie and think I'd like it too. I'd like to know if they are talking about going away on a vacation. I like to have partners be proactive about things that will impact our "usual" schedule or date nights instead of having things sprung on me. Hmm. If I was a D/s partner and THEY were a D/s partner (or maybe even if they weren't), I might also ask that if he was finding himself drained by activities with her, that he try to schedule things so that I don't get the short end of the stick because he's tired from the night before, or that SHE doesn't get the short end of the stick either.

I don't think those are particularly private things, or intimate things, but the a couple of them are pertinent to my well being too. I don't have a problem knowing more intimate or private things if my metamours are comfortable with that, but they aren't my business otherwise, unless it comes to safe sex issues.
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