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Originally Posted by TiMCbyats View Post
SchrodingersCat, in my opinion you're simply wrong.
To be pedantic, whether I'm right or simply wrong about the definition of "judgment" and whether a statement qualifies would be a matter of "fact," not "opinion." Now it's possible that in fact I'm wrong, and it's possible that in fact you're wrong. But whether I'm right or wrong is not up to your opinion.

But it does belie your thinking pattern. You seem to believe that just by preceding a statement with "In my opinion" or "for me" that you're absolving yourself of the consequences of that statement. That is not the case. It's just like when someone says "No offence, but..." and then says something offensive.

No, that's my freedom, their freedom also.
Are you saying that "having freedom" and "being judgmental" are mutually exclusive? I would argue that it is your freedom to be judgmental. And that's a freedom I'm not eager to take from you nor give up for myself, even though it results in others' ability to judge me. However, the alternative is that we be handed our judgments by some self-proclaimed authority, and I vote "no" to that.

Yes, that's a judgement, but "For me, people that belong to the 'norm' are just disgusting." isn't. I have the right to be somewhat misanthropic and openly declare, that I' m disgusted by more then 95% of people.
"people that belong to the 'norm' are just disgusting" and "I' m disgusted by more then 95% of people" are fundamentally different statements.

One is an generalized statement about those people: THEY ARE disgusting. Qualifying it with "For me" doesn't make it less of a judgment, it just specifies that the judgment belongs to you and is not the shared judgment of your social group.

The other is a personal statement of your feelings towards certain people: I FEEL disgusted.

Why are you so afraid of being judgmental? Why does it feel okay to you to exercise your right to be "somewhat misanthropic" but not your right to be judgmental? Do you believe that labelling it as non-judgmental will somehow lessen the hurt it will cause to people you accuse of being disgusting? It won't. Do you believe that we'll think less of you for being judgmental? Well, some will, but that's just because they don't realize that in so doing, they are being just as judgmental as you are. So what's the big deal?

Actally, people like me are judged, because democratic society choose for them and trying to limit possibilities on not only one field.
All people are judged. Welcome to humanity. You show me someone who has never been judged, and I'll show you someone who was raised by monkeys and whose existence is unknown to any humans. To be in human society is to judge and be judged.

What makes you so special that the judgments against you are inherently worse than those you make against others?

Democracy has nothing to do with it. You would be judged just as much under a dictatorship, a monarchy, an anarchy, or a prehistoric tribe. Democracy probably provides you the least judgmental society of all.

I think, that you're the man, who never says "It's red, it's green and it's blue.", for you everything is somewhere between, preferably near the center.
I am not a man. I don't even know what you mean by the rest of that. As a physicist, specifically in optics, all I can think of is: Red + Green + Blue = White.
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
someone else putting you in a box is entirely different
from getting into a box yourself.

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