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Originally Posted by SpoofyCups View Post

I don't know why I bother writing this, there's no way to make this work out, is there
Maybe - just tell your boyfriend how you feel, and go back to doing that respectful negotiation you were doing to get to where you are at now. Tell him all the stuff you said about feeling creepy when some stranger tries to hit on you. That you feel safer and more comfortable if you know, trust, and like somebody as a person if you're going to get involved with them.

Originally Posted by SpoofyCups View Post
But they'd have to look each other in the eye. They don't work together directly right now but they will cross paths sometimes. They do know each other.
Yep. Does he dislike him or something? Lots of people in open relationships spend casual time of some sort with their partners other partners or see each other in passing. If the other guy is nice and decent and doesn't start acting weird or talking about how he scored with you last night... the awkwardness tends to be pretty short lived

Originally Posted by SpoofyCups View Post
Old Flame is not exactly my ex, but we do work in the same place so this is against my boyfriend's rules.
Rephrase that. YOUR RULES that you made in conjunction with your boyfriend. Nothing is stopping you from renegotiating but your fear, and if you can't negotiate what you want or both be working towards agreements that work for both of you, its probably better to find out sooner than later.
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