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Well my husband is really enjoying his new found gf...he is a wonderful man to me, loves me deeply so I do not feel threatened in regards to losing him. I def think I have too much time on my hands. I had a slight melt down about three months ago when I was laid off at my job, I took a hit in my self esteem and the ability to function. I am an avid fitness freak lol, and I stopped everything. So now that I found a job ( do not love it..but I have to work) I am going back to the gym, and I even decided to start some courses for possibly another career. I think a long this journey I have forgotten who I was as a person, and relied on the attention from both of the men in my lives.

I had a great conversation with my husband yesterday when he got home from his overnight date..we are great friends and can talk about anything, but I told him how I was feeling and I did not want him to change anything, just want him to be happy in all aspects of his life. We talked watched tv and went to bed..nothing sexual happened but that is ok..we are trying to reconnect in other ways right now..Cheers
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