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Originally Posted by River View Post
I hope you will find in your own depths of experience some inborn wisdom which allows you to relinquish the need or desire for external authority in such matters.

There is a common ground of reality and truth in these matters which doesn't require -- or benefit from -- external authority. It is most difficult to point at, but you can find it if you look very carefully and with subtle vision.
I hope so too River. But it's not the need for an external authority for recognition.It's about the meaning and message. Here is where my traditional conditioning crashes against the idea of declared commitment without exclusivity. (I eloped with my ex-wife because celebrating our union was something neither of us felt required witness - it was internal). Everone around us knew what that meant though.

The big question I will need to come to terms with is determining what the idea of "commitment declared" to others in a non-monogamous relationship means. Not commitment, itself, but the declaration of that commitment. What are we saying to others? Monogamous unions are simple at the core "I am exclusively for you, you are exclusively for me". Everyone in attendance knows what it means in traditional mainstream circles. But what is the message in a non-traditional non monogamous declaration?

This I believe will be the next break through for me in my journey.

Thanks for you thoughts on this River.


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