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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
So what you are saying is, anytime I need to make a decision and at least one option ends in something I don't like... I've been coerced? So pretty much any choice that does not guarantee chocolate and blowjobs as every possible result is coercion? So every choice ever made is done so by coercion? You realize that I can either stop posting on this thread about this or I can continue going back and forth with you guys with no results? You have coerced me into stopping posting on this thread... right?

I always knew my alarm clock was coercing me every weekday morning lol
Maybe I shouldn't have used the word lousy. Maybe I should have said devastating, awful, terrible. I'd say it has a lot to do with the level of the threat.
Someone's hand will be chopped off if you don't do X.
Your mother will mysteriously fall down the stairs if you don't do Y.
You will lose your home, marriage, spouse, children, and half your income if you don't agree to Z.
Somehow, I don't see merely not getting chocolate or a blowjob as a threat at all. It may be lousy for you. But it's no real danger or devastation or major upheaval that causes any real pain to anyone.

You are absolutely right that there are still other choices. The responses to "I want a boyfriend/girlfriend" could also include refusing, which may lead to divorce, and filing for divorce. But the fact that there are choices doesn't change the fact that, particularly as a parent, there are going to be major devastating consequences in virtually every area of our lives to either of those responses.
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